What if all the staff in my organization are white?

Jessica Iverson

However you identify racially, I’d like to share some things to consider as you plan a Dedicated to the Dream cohort at your library or organization or use other resources from our website. 

Before we go any further, I want to be open about the identity I am writing from. I am a white, cis woman. 

Like other EDI toolkits, I’m going to pose questions to help you determine a responsible way forward for your library or organization right now.

Now I think we’re ready to examine two key questions if all the staff in your organization are white.

Should a team consisting of all white staff members lead race and culture education programs?

My answer is: it depends. Let’s explore this together. 

Have any of the white staff who plan to run any portion of this program previously participated in trainings, workshops or facilitated discussions around race in this country through an anti-racism lens? And does the team plan to continue growing their anti-racism understanding and skills through ongoing learning and conversation?

The other key question is this: 

If white staff do feel they have the education and humility to lead responsibly, how should the team best lead?

The short answer is: in partnership.

What is the racial makeup of the town or city in which the library is situated?

May we be humble, brave and loving,

Jessica Iverson
co-creator/leader of DttD’s first cohort

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